Review: J.A. Redmerski – The Edge of Never

Blurb: goodreads (cover source:, it’s really beautiful, btw)

So … here’s my review. A short one but I think it says everything – spoiler free (at least I think so ^^)

To make it short: I am highly disappointed.

There was a slow start but it wasn’t that bad, just a little slow and somehow a little boring. I accepted it because the part that came after this was absolutely amazing. At some point it reminded me of a story (a twilight fanfiction ^^) I really love because of the relationship between the two main characters.

But – yes, there’s a BIG „but“ – well … when I was about 2/3 through the book there was a turning point. This one made everything less realistic. I can’t really explain it but Camryn and Andrew weren’t the same persons they were when they met in the bus. Camryn became all submissive and Andrew somehow a real wuss.

But that wasn’t the end. No, to top it all off something happened that really came out of nowhere. And after those „bad news“ were spilled everything went too fast. Before you could count to 10 you read about the HEA.

I’m really disappointed because this story had really caught me in the beginning. I thought it was some „big thing“ … so, sadly … just 2.5 of 5 sheep.


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